SEA Pulse films

SEA Pulse films is a series of film presentation events that Dance 4 Oceans co-produce with Macdonald Productions.  SEA Pulse films shows the beauty and threats of the world oceans through the short films. We invite guest speakers and artists to learn more about our ocean through various media.



The 5th “SEA Pulse films” 2/16/2019

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro

Albatross” a Love Story and Live Dances 

“Albatross” takes us on a journey to the Midway Island in the heart of the Pacific where these beautiful birds come to mate and breed. Their babies hatch from their eggs, and the fluffy chicks wait alone for their parents to return from their foraging trips to sea.

However, the joy will been shattered by the tragedy. Chicks are facing a long painful death, bodies filled with plastic trash.

The film evokes a mixed bag of emotions, and delivers a profound message of reverence and renewal. This powerfully moving ‘love story’ may change the way you see everything.

This SEA Pulse films event will comprise the films, including two short films ‘A Mean to an End’ and ‘Sometime Soon’ by Bill Macdonald, dance performances by Vannia Ibarguen (Contemporary) and Kanna Kai Jones (Butoh) to express the messages, and a Q&A, which the audiences can receive the most current information about the subjects.




Past SEA Pulse films events:


 The 4th “SEA Pulse films” 11/2/2014

Alvas Showroom, San Pedro

FUKUSHIMA – Japan’s Problem or the World’s Problem?

This year, SEA Pulse films featured an extraordinary award-winning documentary film, called A2-B-C (directed by Ian Thomas Ash).  The film focuses on the health effects many children in Fukushima, Japan are experiencing in the aftermath of the radiation exposures from the March 2011 triple nuclear meltdown. The film shows radiation hot spots in school yards, thyroid cysts diagnosis, radiation detectors on children’s backpacks, and government officials and even doctors who do not seem to care.

We believe that this is not just a problem for Japan. We believe that this is the world’s problem. With another nuclear accident likely happen in our future, we must to know what is to be expected when the nuclear industry cuts corners, regulators protect profits over people, and governments hide the facts and refuse to admit mistakes were made.




_DSC1822The film was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with audience. IMG_4827Kanna reports the facts of the Fukushima disaster. IMG_4824The guest panelers: (from right to left) Beverly Findlay-Kaneko, Yuji Kaneko, Yoko Collins, and Miki Bay IMG_4846The filmmaker, Ian Thomas Ash answers the audience’ questions via Skype. _DSC1828A broad range of age and ethnicity in the audience._DSC1884The audience concerned our current and future conditions with nulcear power. IMG_4765Our ‘Vegan Soul Food’ was served.IMG_4784Mingling with new and old friends over vegan food. IMAG1847 The SEA Pulse film’s staff and volunteers. This event did not happen without the commitment of these beautiful people.         IMAG1841Co-Producers:Bill Macdonald and Kanna Jones

Rafu Shimpo’s article:



Additional bonus features were Virtual Reality Underwater Experience film (Please go to this link and move the cursor in the screen while the movie is playing to see different angles.) using 360 Heros and Oculus Rift (head-mounted display kit) created by the NOGI 2014 award-winner, Bill Macdonald. 


A short film from Dolphin Dance Project with live dance performance by Contact Improv LA.

IMG_4856IMAG1823Dancers:  Susanna Lily,DG Melani, Cheyenne Dunbar and Jorge Quesada

Choreographer: Kanna Jones

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The 3rd “SEA Pulse films” 10/27/2012

PS Zask Art Gallery, Rolling Hills Estates

The audience learn about plastic pollution in the ocean from various short films and speeches by the guest speakers.

Algalita Marine Research and Education and Heal the Bay reach out to the public.

Captain Charles Moore reports the current conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

The local teenagers performed live music and dance. (Written and choreographed by Kanna Jones)

“Trashion” show by Washed Up (Creator/Designer:Marina DeBris)

Vegan lunch was served.




Live music and dance performance


Dance 4 Oceans















Staff and volunteers. Thank you all for your hard work!



The 2nd “SEA Pulse films” 11/20/2011

Electric Lodge, Venice

(Electric Lodge Founder, Joel Shapiro)

(SEA Pulse films Producer, Bill Macdonald)

(SEA Pulse films Co-Producer, Kanna Jones)

The highlight was the speech by Dean of marine debris, Captain Charles Moore who gave us a presentation of “Japan Tsunami Debris”.

It gave us the reality of serious threats of our ocean and marine life.


Fish Capital of the World

Macdonald’s lens captured the richness of a reef known for holding the world record in biodiversity.

Two Bizarre Fish Tales

Documented fishes behaving in very strange ways according to Dr. Eugenie Clark of the MOTE Marine Lab.

The Majestic Plastic Bag

Heal the Bay’s mockumentary about a life of a plastic bag.

One Beach

A film by Surfrider Foundation and Barefoot Wine, about creativity, optimism and fun at work on our coasts.

We focused on three activists, Richard&Judith Lang, Tim silverwood, and Jim Moriarty to show that we chan be solutions to one beach at a time.

The World Ocean “Trashed”

NOAA award winning film by Bill Macdonald summarizes the state of the art in marine debris awareness.

Capt. Charles Moore’s Presentation of Japan Tsunami Debris

Book signing for “Plastic Ocean”

Plastic Trash to Oil

An emerging technology that can be applied in remote regions to convert plastic trash to light crude oil in a cradle to cradle demonstration. Trash becomes valuable.


Dancing with spinner dolphins showed species to species communication and the Dolphin Dance Project.

Whales Die, Zombies Dance (in protest)

The film was followed by the Plastic Trash Zombies dance to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Team Marine

Santa Monica High School raised awareness about the global marine debris, energy and climate change crises.

Team Marine is led by biology teacher, Benjamin Kay.

This is Your Ocean – Sharks

A documentary removes all barriers between people and sharks in an effort to depict these animals in a new light.



The 1st “SEA Pulse films” 1/22/2011

Electric Lodge, Venice


Heart of the Ocean

Depicts the ocean’s most bio-diverse zones of vibrant sea life, highlighting richness, beauty, and documents the world oceans’ biodiversity bulls-eye.

Synthetic Sea 2010

Capt. Charles Moore and his crew aboard the Alguita discovered the plastic build-up in the region known as the North East Pacific gyre in 1997. In 1999, Captain Moore became the vanguard researcher of marine debris.

Wetlands Steward

Lenny Arkinstall who is a founder and director of Los Cerritos Wetlands Steward has
done amazing things as a power of one to remove hundreds of tons of urban trash from the San
Gabriel River, Los Cerritos Wetlands, and Alamitos Bay.

The 10 R’s

A short video/documentary highlighting the 10 major problems of and 10 solutions to single-use
plastic pollution. Produced, directed, and starring Santa Monica High School students from the
multi-award winning sustainability group, Team Marine.