Past Events


“Global Water Dances” 6/15/2019

Dance 4 Oceans joined Global Water Dances Long Beach, again. There are 7 performances and the special guest speakers, including Captain Charles Moore and Bill Macdonald. The audiences enjoyed the beautiful day in the park with the ocean in the background. There are many things to learn and become aware through out the event.

“Whale of a Day” 4/14/2018

Dance 4 Oceans’ 10th anniversary with Whale of a Day. 10 years ago, we were one of very few people who were talking about ‘plastic pollution’. Now, everybody in the world talk about ‘plastic pollution’ as global epidemic. Over the last decade, California banned plastic bags, and a few cities banned Styrofoam and plastic straws. Many counties banned single-use plastics to stop trash pollution. Slowly, but we are definitely moving forward.




“SEA Pulse films” 2/16/2019

Click HERE to go to SEA Pulse films




“Whale of a Day” 4/14/2018

Dance 4 Oceans joined Whale of a Day, again! This year, we collaborated with Global Water Dances Long Beach to celebrate “water”.  EMAC(Environmental Movement Activists’ Community) and D4O gave eco-bags to the visitors.  Special thanks to Lafayette Elementary School in Long Beach!


“Beach Cleanup & Lecture” 4/7/2018

Dance 4 Oceans presented a lecture about plastic trash in the ocean at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for EMAC(Environmental Movement Activists’ Community). After the lecture, everybody enjoyed a beach cleanup.




“Coastal Cleanup Day” 9/16/2017

Dance 4 Oceans joined Rinri Kenkyusya USA for our 2nd beach cleanup to support Marine Mammal Care Center.  Families and friends all enjoyed the outdoor activity at the beach, again. Thank you all for joining us!!!


“Carving my own chopsticks” 8/12/2017

To reduce trash and save our resources, Dance 4 Oceans encourages people to carry reusable utensils along with reusable water bottle and/or mug. It would be much more fun to carry “my own” chopsticks. We organized a workshop to carve our original chopsticks from wood sticks. The participants enjoyed craft-making and had healthy lunch with their brand-new chopsticks.

Introducing our teacher:
Master Saburo Koga was born in Nagasaki Japan in 1951. He is a Traditional Japanese wood Carving Sculptor with other hidden talents which include: Sculpting Modern Wood Art, Singing/Playing/composing Music, Cooking and even Making Original Tattoo Designs. He started to teach how to make chopsticks as a campaign raising awareness about carrying your own chopsticks to help conserve resources.



“Global Water Dances” 6/24/2017

Dance 4 Oceans joined Global Water Dances Long Beach to celebrate WATER, expressing the importance of water in the world. A few local children danced on the sand beach with the pacific ocean in the background.


“Where is my trash going? ~ Trip to Sanitation Facility” 6/10/2017

Have you wonder where your trash go? Colorful tracks come and pick up your trash and recyclable items and disappear. But we are not quite sure where and how they end up. Dance 4 Oceans co-produced a field-trip to the County Sanitation District of Los Angeles. Now we know how it works!


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“What does this label mean? Labels on food and cosmetics” 5/30/2017 and 5/31/2017

Dance 4 Oceans presented a seminar about what labels to look when you buy foods, cosmetics, and cleaning agent, etc. We explained the definition of labels and marks, including Organic, Non-GMO, Free-Range, Cage-Free, Shade grown, Palm oil free, Fair trade, etc. The audience learned how we choose products would effect our environment.



“VegFest LA”  4/30/2017

Our second year with VegFest! We had a huge group of volunteers from Team Marine~Santa Monica High School this year! We talked and talked to earthy friendly people all day, again! Go green, Be kind to our planet!



“Beach Cleanup for Marine Mammal Care Center” 4/9/2017

Dance 4 Oceans joined Rinri Kenkyusya USA for a beach cleanup to support Marine Mammal Care Center. We gathered over 60 local people to clean the beach where MMCC usually used to release their rehabilitated animals. We collected donations and gave MMCC for their daily needs. We explained the participants why we have so much trash on the beach and how we could reduce. Families and friends all enjoyed the outdoor activity at the beach, and everybody expressed that they would come back, again!



“Addicted to PLASTIC? ~ Would man perish?” 3/22/2017

Dance 4 Oceans presented a seminar about the problem with ‘plastic’ trash in the ocean in Japanese. With a power point show, we show the audience how trash would go to the ocean, why plastic would harm marine life and even human’s life, and how we could reduce this problems. The audience had endless questions after the speech (even after the seminar), and expressed how they wished to get involved in solutions.



“SEA Fair” at Redondo Beach Pier 5/22/2016

Dance 4 Oceans was invited to dance on the 2 stages at SEA Fair. Our both performances and speeches delivered our messages to the audience! A huge applause to Whittier Elementary School for joining us and learning about the trash pollution. Each student spoke out about what we could do to reduce trash to save the animals in the ocean.


“VegFest LA” 5/1/2016

A huge success at VegFest LA. The visitors are compassionate and accepted the realities through the graphic photos and our explanation. They expressed their shock and anger, and realized the severity of the issue. Every single of them asked me how they could help.

Our original goal was to reach out at least 5 people, and change their mind and behaviors to protect our animals and world from plastic pollution.
The other goal was to reassure that everybody would vote “YES” on SB270 this year to pass ‘California Plastic Bag Ban’.
We think that we surpassed our goal!



“Whale of a Day” 3/12/2016

Another beautiful day for California Gray Whales! Dance 4 Oceans had more visitors and fiends stopping by! We welcomed the kids from Whittier Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. They learned why trash would be a problem in the ocean at school. They learned how to fix it by joining Dance 4 Oceans! Thank you for dancing with us!!




“Sea Fair at the SEA lab”  5/17/2015

Our come back to the SEA lab event was successful! We dance with the audience at the stage! Moms, kids, and even a baby joined us! Our messages were clear and they loved it!



“Whale of a Day”  4/4/2015

Dance 4 Oceans danced and spoke out again at Whale of a Day! We met many people and sent our messages through voice and body language. What a way to celebrate the migration of magnificent California Gray Whales!

Thank you for your dedication to raise awareness of ocean trash pollution and/or to volunteer to support us!




“SEA Pulse films” 11/2/2014

Click HERE to go to SEA Pulse films


“Seal Day” 05/18/2014

Another Seal Day! But this year, they invited us for performance as well. We danced 3 songs and they loved it!

The tour in the Marine Mammal Care Center was awesome, too! For those beautiful animals in the ocean, we will keep dancing!!!


“Whale of a Day” 04/05/2014

Dance 4 Oceans had another wonderful day in sunny Rancho Palos Verdes, overlooking Gray Whales coasting back to north.

There seemed be more people this year at the event, and our Dance 4 Oceans’ booth definitely had more visitors! We never had time to sit down!

Our dance performance was well received, again. Thank you so much for participation and sharing an exciting moment together.




“Trash Talk” 06/23/2013

Seicho-no-ie, Gardena

Public speech for the community. Showed a video and samples trash from our local beaches.



“Hands Across The Sand” 05/18/2013

Cherry Beach, Long Beach

Planet Rehab organized our local HATS on the beautiful sand beach. After picking up the trash, Nancy Jo Rettig lead our Trash Zombies to dance “Thriller”!



“SCAQMD’s High School Conference & Expo” 03/13/2013

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach

We met 700 High School students and talked about the marine debris pollution!





“Whale of a Day” 03/02/2013

Point Vicente Interpretive Center, Rancho Palos Verdes

We danced, we met people, we saw the whales, we learned, and we had great time all day!



“LA Climate Rally-Say NO to Keystone Pipeline” 02/17/2013

Los Angeles downtown-LA City Hall

In Solidarity with the D.C. Rally to deliver a message to the President, “Solve the Climate Crisis! Take a Stand Mr. President!” 

LA Climate Rally P1070751 P1070780 598582_10151319723383367_188263950_n LA Climate Rally FM 860728_626172320745770_1937887_o


“Think Clean, Go Clean” 01/12/2013

Torrance Cultural Arts Center

Joined in the event presented by Southern California Air Quality Management District

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SEA Pulse films and Thrill The World South Bay” 10/27/2012

Promenade of the Peninsula, Rolling Hills Estates

Interview on Japanese TV news

danced at Thrill The World South Bay website


Followed by SEA Pulse films 2012 website


“Seal Day” 05/15/2012

Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro

Raised awareness of Plastic pollution to the visitors!


“Earth Day” – April 21, 2012

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro

We “Flash Mobbed” at the Aquarium!


“Whale of a Day” – March 3, 2012 

Point Vicente, Palos Verdes

Trash Zombies are back to celebrated the Gray Whale migration together!




“SEA Pulse films” 11/20/2011

Dance 4 Oceans co-produced and danced at SEA Pulse films at Electric Lodge, Venice Beach.


“Power Harvest” 10/1/2011

AES, Redondo Beach

It was a beautiful day! More people than we estimated came to the event!

Our message was well received. 

“Abbot Kinney Festival” 09/25/2011

Abbot Kinney, Venice

Dance 4 Oceans danced at the KisQaud! The outreach gave the visitors lots of information about “Trash”!


“Seaside Cinema” 07/8 and 9/2011
Seaside Lagoon, Redondo Beach and Central Park, Huntington Beach
We dance at the Solar Powered outdoor movie events!!


“Seal Day” 05/15/2011
Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro
Raised awareness of Plastic pollution to the visitors!

“Earth Day at the SEA Lab” 04/16/2011
SEA Lab, Redondo Beach

Dance 4 Oceans was back to the SEA Lab, again!


“Happy Eath Month-AES&Wyland Foundation” 03/31/2011
AES, Redondo Beach

We danced in front of the “retouched” Wyland’s Whales mural to celebrate our water conservation act.


“Flastics Are Forever” 03/12/2011
The Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
Plactic Trash Zombies joined the YOUTH SUMMIT of Algalita and 5 Gyres

“Whale of a Day” 03/05/2011
The Interpretive Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Dance 4 Oceans dance to celebrate the migration of the Pacific Gray Whale
Daily Breeze Article” Check it out!
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“A Day without a Bag”  12/16/2010

“Green Screen Film Fest” 10/30/2010

Plastic Trash Zombies danced for Electric Lodge, Venice.

Awareness for “Green Halloween”!


“Thrill The World  2010” 10/23/2010

Dance 4 Oceans joined Thrill The World Los Angeles and danced at Pomona Fairplex.

“ 10-10-10” at Altadena 10/10/2010

In 100 degrees heat, we participated in a event to raise awareness about carbon foot print. 350 ppm is what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plastic is responsible for CO2 in atmosphere.


“Venice Eco-Fest” 07/10/2010

We danced in the parade, at the kid’s stage, on the beach, and the main stage!
This largest Green Event in LA received more than 20,000 green visitors!! We enjoyed meeting many Earthy vendors and people!


“The First Annual Michael Jackson Convention” 06/27/2010

We performed the “Plastic Trash Zombie” danceat Universal Sheraton Hotel.
It was absolutely successful! Everybody enjoyed our dance and we met many dance/music fans!
Thanks, everybody for dancing for the oceans!!!


“Earth Day at the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach” 04/24/2010

SEA Lab in Redondo Beach invited us for their Earth Day! We had such a good time by the beach!!!

“Earth Day on the Promenade in Santa Monica” 04/17/2010

Dance 4 Oceans danced in Santa Monica! All the people on the Promenade loved our Zombie dance!



A Day without A Bag 12/17/2009

Dance 4 Oceans joined Heal the Bay for the annual event “A Day without a Bag” to eliminate ‘single-use plastic grocery bag’. We are all on KTLA morning news!


Coastal Cleanup and Thrill The World 2009

Dance 4 Oceans started to act in October 2009. We danced to get attention from public to raise awareness of ‘plastic trash’ pollution in the ocean, wearing ‘plastic trash’ costumes! We are featured on a Japanese local TV news!