Coming Event

“Beach Cleanup and Ocean Trash Lecture” April 7, 2018

Dance 4 Oceans will join EMAC (Environmental Movement Activists’ Community) for a beach cleanup. We will start with a small lecture about “Plastic Ocean Pollution” at 9:30am before heading for the beach. It is a good opportunity to learn why we really need to change our life style to stay away from ‘single-use plastics’.

Come join us for the lecture at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the beach walk and cleaning at the same time!!!


“Whale of a Day” April 14, 2018

NOTE: This event was originally scheduled on March 10. However, it has been postponed to April 14 due to rain.

Dance 4 Oceans will come back to Whale of a Day this year, again! We will join EMAC (Environmental Movement Activists’ Community) to educate the visitors and give away FREE gifts! Visit our booth and enjoy our dance performance at 12:30pm!