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Carving my own CHOPSTICKS!   8/12/2017  10am~1pm


To reduce trash and save our forests, we encourage you to carry your own utensils with you along with your own water bottle and/or cup. But what if you make your own chopsticks? That would be much fun and you would definitely want to use them all the time!

Please join us to the “Carve Your Own Chopsticks” workshop! Let’s have a good time together!

Workshop fee $40. Tools and materials are provided. Three-hour workshop. A hand-made case included. Limited to 12 students.

After finishing the project, you are welcomed to stay for lunch using your brand-new chopsticks. (Healthy Japanese lunch box for $7.90)

Introducing our teacher:
Master Saburo Koga was born in Nagasaki Japan in 1951. He is a Traditional Japanese wood Carving Sculptor with other hidden talents which include: Sculpting Modern Wood Art, Singing/Playing/composing Music, Cooking and even Making Original Tattoo Designs. He started to teach how to make chopsticks as a campaign raising awareness about carrying your own chopsticks to help conserve resources.



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Future Movie Screening Opportunity


Dear Dance 4 Oceans fans!

You probably know about what’s going on with our California Sea Lions. Lately, unusually high number of Sea Lion pups stranded on the beaches starving. Many agencies are investigating the cause but still don’t know why. It could be weather, water quality, pollution, or totally new things! Meanwhile, more and more weak pups are arriving the local rehabilitation centers everyday.
Since I have been volunteering at Marine Mammal Care Center, I am planning to have a fundraising ‘film screening event’ with a film maker, Alan De Herrera. He will show his documentary about Sea Lions and come to talk to the audience.
If you work or volunteer at elementary schools, know someone is connected to a school, or know some groups that may be interested in having us to show the movie one day to raise money for Marine Mammal Care Center, please let me know ASAP.
Marine Mammal Care Center has increased volunteer working hours and shifts to finish the daily jobs. Some people come in early in the morning and leave midnight! However, we still need a lot more help! We go through supplies and food (for the animals) so quickly and we cannot keep up.
Please please help the center to save those innocent pups! Contact: Kanna Jones