Ever since we adopted the short-term convenience of using and throwing away plastic bags and containers, we turned Earth into a trash can. We buy a product, and use it and throw it away. But where is “AWAY”?

Trash, especially PLASTIC trash that you think is going to landfills or recycling facilities is easily blown by wind or washed by rain. It will fill the rivers and the oceans and stays there almost forever.

More than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are dying from ingesting or being entangled by plastic trash. People eat fish that has consumed plastic (mistaking it for plankton or fish eggs), will have toxins and chemicals in their body, which may cause cancer, birth defects, and other illnesses.

American people drink more than 28 billion single serving bottles of water a year. In order to bottle the water, about 17 million barrels of oil is used. America also uses more than 380 billion plastic bags, including 100 billion of plastic shopping bags a year, which takes about 12 million barrels of oil to produce them.

Dance 4 Oceans help you to change this “Throw-Away Habit”, and help you to take personal responsibilities to save the oceans and the future of our children.

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